We aspire to give our clients and community hope for a better future.

Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP)helps families build a brighter future.

PCAP’s mission is to help mothers build healthy families and prevent future births of children exposed prenatally to alcohol and drugs. We provide one-on-one and custom support to each and every client.

Snohomish County PCAP provides case management services to over 125 families monthly. The PCAP model gives us the opportunity to build strong relationships through a three-year service program.

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PCAP assists pregnant and parenting mothers struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders in getting connected to appropriate services.


PCAP assures all children are in safe and stable home environments, and are receiving appropriate health care.


PCAP links mothers to community resources which help them to build and maintain healthy and independent family lives.


PCAP’s mission is to help mothers prevent future births of alcohol and drug‐affected children and build healthy families.

Snohomish County PCAP

The Parent‐Child Assistance Program (PCAP) is an evidence‐based home visitation case management program for mothers who abuse alcohol or drugs during pregnancy.

Client Testimonials

I was enrolled in PCAP when I was in treatment. My case manager helped me through a lot of legal issues, clothing for me and my daughter, hygiene supplies and transportation everywhere I needed to go. After I graduated treatment, my case manager was a huge support for me and my daughter when we moved and got our own apartment. My case manager has counseled me, supported me, and encouraged me, every step along the way. I would not have the success I have today, without the PCAP program and my case manager. Thank you so much!


This program has given me guidance, strength and hope. I’ve learned skills that are helping me to become the mother I want to be. Thank you!


PCAP has helped me in many ways. With things I could not provide for my daughter, also helped realize my unhealthy characteristics in my relationships. Acknowledging and retraining my thoughts to healthy qualities.


It is a joy to be around other women in recovery and learn new ways to live a clean life with my child. I feel safe and secure. I am welcomed every time I come in with a smile. I feel secure in sharing my feelings with the workers and other women.


PCAP is an amazing program!! The staff are very caring and supportive, and the women are as well


I'm very grateful that my 2 year old son and I have PCAP. My case manager has helped in so many ways, emotional support and connecting me to numerous resources I have been given. PCAP helped me with my recovery through the classes they offered. I am especially grateful for my case manager.


Pacific Treatment Alternatives welcomes the opportunity to learn about your needs and share the different resources available in our community.