Pacific Treatment Alternatives is …

Snohomish County PCAP

Under the PCAP Program in Snohomish County, we provide case management services to over 125 families monthly. Our model allows the opportunity to build strong relationships due to a three-year service program. We are always seeking support for these moms and children in a concrete way. If you are able to provide diapers, wipes, and/or monetary/gift card donations, please contact us. Learn More

Snohomish County Syringe Exchange

The Snohomish County Needle Syringe, also known as the AIDS Outreach project started in 1988 in response to the increasing numbers of people being diagnosed with the newly discovered disease: HIV/AIDS. Outreach workers seek out injection drug users in areas where they are known to congregate to offer them education around HIV/AIDS and information on how they could lower the risks of contracting HIV for themselves, their loved ones, and our community as a whole.

In 1994, the syringe exchange portion of the program was implemented to further lower the risk of folk who were injecting. It had been determined that injective drug use was one of the highest risk behaviors for contracting HIV. Learn More