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Safe Babies, Safe Moms

The Safe Babies, Safe Moms (SBSM) program serves low-income women with a history of alcohol/drug abuse who are pregnant or parenting a child under three years of age.  We work with families until their youngest child reaches age three.

Program goals include:

  1. Sobriety:  The first step toward healthy living.
  2. Parenting: We teach parenting skills, healthy discipline, and developmentally appropriate expectations.
  3. Skill Building: Participation in SBSM's educational classes, case management and in individual treatment helps the clients develop safe, satisfying, productive lives and leads to self-sufficiency.

Our parenting classes include interactive time for parents and their children to learn
how to play, dance, sing, and bond.  We provide individual and family mental health counseling and coordinate with our partner agencies for in-patient and outpatient chemical dependency treatment. 

We discuss family planning methods to prevent unplanned pregnancies from
interfering with self-sufficiency and to enhance our client’s ability to parent the
children they already have.  

To the extent our funding allows, we also purchase car seats, cribs, pregnancy clothing and other necessary items in order to provide for infant safety and parent success. 

Available Services

This is a partial list of services available from Safe Babies, Safe Moms agencies or through coordinated referral to other community resources.

Child Care
Child Development Assessment

Educational Classes
Domestic Violence
Drug/Alcohol Treatment
Family Counseling
Family Planning
Financial Assistance
Legal Consultation

Life Skills
Medical and Dental
Mental Health
Parenting Skills
Prenatal Care
Relationship Skills
Safe Housing
Social Support
Vocational Training
Well-Baby Care

Client Eligibility
Pregnant or Parenting a Child Under 2.5 Years of Age
Recent History of Alcohol or Other Drug Abuse
Mother or Child is Medicaid Eligible

Primary Collaborative Agencies
         Catholic Community Services - Transitional Housing
           Evergreen Manor - Chemical Dependency Treatment
             Pacific Treatment Alternatives - Intensive Case Management