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SBSM Class Schedule

Individual Appointments- are available with case managers and with behavioral health specialists.

There is no cost to the client for these or any other SBSM services.

Educational Classes - Safe Babies, Safe Moms offers a variety of classes designed to address common issues of our clients. These classes are especially helpful if a client is court or Child Protective Services involved. Each group offers free childcare and a free lunch or snack, depending on the time of the day.

We offer van transportation to clients who live in group settings. Clients with medical coupons can use ParaTransit transportation by calling at
least 24 hours in advance - 425-257-8801.

Classes are added or deleted depending on client needs. On-site childcare is provided for each class.  The current class schedule is
as follows.

Interactive Parenting - Mothers and children learning together how to make childhood a happy and learning experience for the child and for the mother. Two classes are offered, the client chooses the class most convenient for her schedule.

Positive Parenting - Mothers-only parenting training.

Dialectical Behavior Skills (DBS) - This class teaches interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance skills to support success in personal and employment settings.

Life Challenges - Interpersonal development, relationships, communication, language and personal responsibility.   Participants learn how to productively respond to the many frustrations in life.

Love Shouldn't Hurt - Some women often find themselves in abusive and controlling relationships in which they find it difficult to feel loved and appreciated.  This class helps clients learn how to avoid such negative relationships and what to do if they are in one.  Clients learn how to develop a safety plan and create a home environment that is safe, supportive and enjoyable for everyone.

Special Classes - We periodically offer special classes on topics
such as hair coloring and make-up, dressing for employment, budgeting, balancing checkbooks, society's sex and gender messages, meal planning, cooking and gardening.