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Pacific Treatment Alternatives
Helping Families Live Happy and Healthy Lives
                                      Since 1969

Alcohol/drug dependence can have devastating effects on mothers, fathers and children. Pacific Treatment Alternatives (PTA) has a professional staff and flexible programs to meet each client's specific needs.

Each of our programs is provided at no cost to the client.

Problems that are common in alcohol/drug dependent families include
the following:

Not enough money for food, safe housing, utilities, clothing,
Unresolved legal problems - warrants, court orders, fines,
Inadequate education and job skills to obtain living wage jobs,
Lacking adequate relationship, social and parenting skills,
Low self-esteem, confidence and proper assertiveness,
Untreated medical, dental and mental health problems,
Anger, arguing, fighting, domestic violence,
Lack of prenatal care and well baby care,
Lack of family planning/birth control,
Problems with basic living skills, and
Inadequate transportation.

PTA has programs that address the above needs.

Safe Babies, Safe Moms (SBSM) - helps pregnant women and families who are parenting one or more children under three years of age.

AIDS Outreach - provides education, prevention and syringe exchange services to minimize the transmission of AIDS and other infectious diseases.

Please note: The people pictured in this web site are not actual clients.